Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Day another Dollar.....

Gone that is, lol! Today I was supposed to head back out to the farm to cut hay but it rained so now I am waiting for the orders to come out. Dad thought he should give me the weekend off though so we'll see. I have kicked the kids outside to play and have holed up downstairs in the scrapbook room to try and get things a little more organized. I think I will probably turn on the tunes here right away and get at it. I am dying to get back to work on my samples for the fall retreat! Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe long weekend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello everyone!

Well I guess it was only a matter of time before I had to jump in and give this blog thing a try right! After all, all the cool kids are doing it, lol! It may take some time to figure everything out though so please bear with me.
We have now been in the new house for 3 and a half weeks and are starting to feel more at home. Richelle helped us move in and like mad women we had the place unpacked by 6pm that day! Leanne was here to help too and we really couldn't have done it without either onre of them! Thank you girls, you really are great friends;)
I have been trying to help get the hay cut for Dad and it keep raining or breaking down so we still have about a week to go. I can't wait to get done and move on to the rest of summer.
This Sunday was my last day working in the store and now I feel pretty sad. It is time to move on though and I still have so much to do for the store it is awesome! I have been spending some time today getting ready for the crop in September as well as the retreat in October. I have contacted some wonderful companies about door prizes and I really think these will be two of our greatest events ever!
I better head off for now though, time to change the laundry and check on supper! Hope to update you all again real soon!