Thursday, October 30, 2008

My DT application for PIT 2009

Here is my DT application for the 2009 DT at Pages In Time. I hope you all enjoy it! The mini book and the layout are using one of the new prima Down home cardboard collection kits. They were so much fun to make. The card is using Darcies snowmen stamps and Prismacolor markers.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I guess it has been awhile since I have been on here huh? Well where should I start? For the last month I have had a new room mate and between fighting for computer time with him, work, DT, house cleaning, kids, babysitting, thanksgiving and my computer crashing on me, oh and my new baby nephew I have been a busy gal!
Okay so first I will share about the new baby nephew. His name is Ryker Dwight Quance and he is the most perfect little man I have ever seen. Next to my little man of course. He has a head full of black hair and he is just so sweet. His Daddy couldn't get the smile off his face if he was hit with a 2x4 and his Mommy looks great for just having a c-section. So not fun.

Also my dear sweet friend Michelle had a baby last month and I am dying to get up to Grand Prairie to see her in person. Brian has talked about taking days off but he needs someone to cover for him. They are doing well and she is absolutely precious. I have a shopping problem when it comes to baby girls, so I am sure Tanaya will appreciate me a lot. LOL!
Last weekend I bought a new car. I bought my Mother in Laws 2005 Ford 500. I LOVE it! I love everything about it. It took a month of arguing with Brian about all the reasons I needed a new car, but in the end I won and I am now driving my super sleek, super sexy black car.
Last weekend for Thanksgiving we went to the farm. It was such a nice family gathering. Grandpa and Dorothy even made it so we were all there. The weather was great and we got some gorgeous family photos out in the coulees.

Today was crazy. I dropped the boys off at school at noon. Drove to Stettler to meet Katie at 12:45 to look at a location for our super huge, super cool spring scrapbooking event. Back to Blackfalds for 2:50 to pick up the kids, to Red Deer to meet the anestethiologist that got moved without me knowing. Back to Blackfalds for a 5:50 chiropractor appointment. Now, here I sit totally beat and playing the computer.

K nuff said for tonight, I am bushed. Talk to you all again real soon.