Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 1

For those of you just happening across this blog, you may not want to read on at the moment. The next six days are just ramblings of a Mom trying to go through some changes and get life on track.

Wii Fit 34 minutes
Weight 219.6 lbs
Water Drank 0

I had full intentions of quitting smoking first thing thismorning. However, when I got out of bed I learned that the meat I had thawing for meal prep was very thawed and losing its cool. So right away I got to work on prepping my suppers. I have now made 8 suppers and have them in the deep freeze for those busy days when I don't have time to spend a lot of time cooking. I have 5 left to prep today but I needed a break.
Once I was done prepping the first 8 meals I dyed my hair, had a shower, smoked my last ciggarette and worked out on the wii fit. Now I am already starting to have cravings so I am going to relax on the couch for a bit and watch Matlock. Once Hailee gets home I will get her to help with the kitchen, get supper cooked and finish off the meals I have left to prep.
The reason I am recording all this useless information on my blog is because I needed someone to be held accountable to. I also need a place where I can write down all of my frustrations in one place and look back on it later to see what I have accomplished.