Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well it is almost Christmas time. I have been so busy lately and there has been so much going on in my life. I have recently taken on another day a week at the after school program, our Dt will be announced later today, there has been crops and work at the store. Stuff to do never slows down at home and then to top it all off I was in an accident last weekened and wrecked my new car.
Thankfully the kids and I were all okay as we got side swiped by a tour bus last weekend in Stettler. I cried as I tried to tell the police my story and let me tell you, the lady officer was none to friendly. That sorta peeved me off as it was the bus driver's fault and my car was the only one wrecked. Then the next day I find out that this is the second accident that bus has been in in less than a week! Now I am just waiting for an insurance adjuster to come and check the damages on my car. The brother in law doesn't think the damage will be too bad. I just hope that the bus driver has to pay for my damage in the end. So in the mean time I am back to driving the Lincoln. Oh yay!
The crop was last weekend and even though it was a smaller group than normal it was perfect. I got 8 layouts and 4 cards done and even got to play with my new slice machine.
Tuesday Brian was off work so he and I cleaned out the livingroom upstairs, moved a bunch of furniture steamed carpets and rearranged both livingrooms. Brian also completely gunged the kitchen for me and scrubbed the floors. I got all the laundry caught up and bathrooms scrubbed. It was awesome.
The new DT for the store has been chosen and this term I will not be on the DT. Katie and I have decided to not be team members but to actually spend more time training and helping the girls as well as more time testing new tools and such. I am pretty excited. I am still running the team though.
My Christmas shopping is almost done with a few things left to buy Austin and I still have to do Brian but other than that I am done. I hope everyone else is doing well. I have to run and cook lunch and then off to hole up in my scraproom for the rest of the day! Ciao!!;)