Monday, December 29, 2008

Whew! The holidays are over!

Wow! What a couple of weeks it has been. Christmas concerts, birthdays, Christmas and New Years coming. I am exhuasted with all the excitement that has been going on in our lives.
Austin's birthday was fabulous with a household full of friends, family and food. He got spoiled wrotten as usual and loved it. On his actual birthday we almost couldn't get him to sleep because he was so excited he was going to be 5 finally! That night I was in the middle of cooking his bday cake when my oven blew up. 2 days before Christmas!! I might also mention, Christmas was being held at our house! The birthday was saved though, I had a banana cake in the freezer so we put candles on it and had that.
Our oven did not get fixed in time for Christmas and the part is so stinkin expensive it's crazy! This week hopefully they can get it in and we can cook normally again. Dear friends of ours went to Saskatchewan for Christmas and let us use their oven for cooking our turkey. Thank you Justin and Anna for saving our holiday feast!!
Christmas day was perfect! Hailee got up at 3am and waited til 5:30 to come upstairs. I was awake so we waited til 6 to wake up Dad and Austin. Hailee got a beautiful doll house and Austin got a train table so they were pretty pumped. The family was great, the food was better and by 6pm I was ready for bed.
I of course got spoiled as well with a tripod for my camera, jammas, scrap stuff, a hand knit sweater, a purse, jewellery, perfume and so much more.
I was supposed to babysit for New Year's eve but got cancelled on, so now Brian, the kids and I are going to stay home, order in and play the wii. New Year's day we are going to go to Mom and Dad's for Chinese food. I hope everyone else is having as great a holiday as me!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pictures on my kids!

Here are a couple pics to tide you over. Austin and Hailee had a country themed Christmas concert this year so they got all dolled up cowboy style. Aren't they cute?!
The other one is of Austin in front of his super cool Lightning McQueen birthday cake Lisa made him. Thanks Lisa! You are a total doll! I will try and get some more on here later.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hello friends!

I have missed you all so! Things have been awful around here lately and I just haven't had the time to post. I have taken on a 3rd job, yes I said 3rd, joined and quit Jenny Craig because it made me sick and started smoking again. It has been a year and a half and I broke. Not to worry though, I am gonna jump right back on the wagon as soon as I get through the rush of Christmas. The road to hell is paved with bad decisions isn't it?
All the Christmas shopping is done and the house is decorated. Groceries are bought and Austins birthday has been celebrated. I am looking so forward to the Christmas break and thank goodness it is here as of tomorrow. We have all even been sick already so hopefully Christmas is safe.
Things are moving right along as far as the store and new DT go and I can't wait to have my first month end meeting with the girls. I am very excited to see all of their new work. I have been scrapbooking up a storm at home, finishing of gifts, making calendars and working on stuff for the store.
I hope you are all fine and well. I will try and get some photos uploaded on here tomorrow with pics of the kids and what I've been working on. Talk to you all real soon!
Big Hugs!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well it is almost Christmas time. I have been so busy lately and there has been so much going on in my life. I have recently taken on another day a week at the after school program, our Dt will be announced later today, there has been crops and work at the store. Stuff to do never slows down at home and then to top it all off I was in an accident last weekened and wrecked my new car.
Thankfully the kids and I were all okay as we got side swiped by a tour bus last weekend in Stettler. I cried as I tried to tell the police my story and let me tell you, the lady officer was none to friendly. That sorta peeved me off as it was the bus driver's fault and my car was the only one wrecked. Then the next day I find out that this is the second accident that bus has been in in less than a week! Now I am just waiting for an insurance adjuster to come and check the damages on my car. The brother in law doesn't think the damage will be too bad. I just hope that the bus driver has to pay for my damage in the end. So in the mean time I am back to driving the Lincoln. Oh yay!
The crop was last weekend and even though it was a smaller group than normal it was perfect. I got 8 layouts and 4 cards done and even got to play with my new slice machine.
Tuesday Brian was off work so he and I cleaned out the livingroom upstairs, moved a bunch of furniture steamed carpets and rearranged both livingrooms. Brian also completely gunged the kitchen for me and scrubbed the floors. I got all the laundry caught up and bathrooms scrubbed. It was awesome.
The new DT for the store has been chosen and this term I will not be on the DT. Katie and I have decided to not be team members but to actually spend more time training and helping the girls as well as more time testing new tools and such. I am pretty excited. I am still running the team though.
My Christmas shopping is almost done with a few things left to buy Austin and I still have to do Brian but other than that I am done. I hope everyone else is doing well. I have to run and cook lunch and then off to hole up in my scraproom for the rest of the day! Ciao!!;)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My DT application for PIT 2009

Here is my DT application for the 2009 DT at Pages In Time. I hope you all enjoy it! The mini book and the layout are using one of the new prima Down home cardboard collection kits. They were so much fun to make. The card is using Darcies snowmen stamps and Prismacolor markers.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I guess it has been awhile since I have been on here huh? Well where should I start? For the last month I have had a new room mate and between fighting for computer time with him, work, DT, house cleaning, kids, babysitting, thanksgiving and my computer crashing on me, oh and my new baby nephew I have been a busy gal!
Okay so first I will share about the new baby nephew. His name is Ryker Dwight Quance and he is the most perfect little man I have ever seen. Next to my little man of course. He has a head full of black hair and he is just so sweet. His Daddy couldn't get the smile off his face if he was hit with a 2x4 and his Mommy looks great for just having a c-section. So not fun.

Also my dear sweet friend Michelle had a baby last month and I am dying to get up to Grand Prairie to see her in person. Brian has talked about taking days off but he needs someone to cover for him. They are doing well and she is absolutely precious. I have a shopping problem when it comes to baby girls, so I am sure Tanaya will appreciate me a lot. LOL!
Last weekend I bought a new car. I bought my Mother in Laws 2005 Ford 500. I LOVE it! I love everything about it. It took a month of arguing with Brian about all the reasons I needed a new car, but in the end I won and I am now driving my super sleek, super sexy black car.
Last weekend for Thanksgiving we went to the farm. It was such a nice family gathering. Grandpa and Dorothy even made it so we were all there. The weather was great and we got some gorgeous family photos out in the coulees.

Today was crazy. I dropped the boys off at school at noon. Drove to Stettler to meet Katie at 12:45 to look at a location for our super huge, super cool spring scrapbooking event. Back to Blackfalds for 2:50 to pick up the kids, to Red Deer to meet the anestethiologist that got moved without me knowing. Back to Blackfalds for a 5:50 chiropractor appointment. Now, here I sit totally beat and playing the computer.

K nuff said for tonight, I am bushed. Talk to you all again real soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The week I turned 30

So I am officially 30. Have been for a week, and yes I do feel older. Earlier this week I noticed I am getting more grey hair, less patience, and tire more easily. It has been a hellish week though so that may have something to do with it.
On tuesday I decided to move the kids bedrooms around. Not just around, up and down levels in our house. My scrapbook room has moved from the fourth lower floor to the top floor. It was a long day of grunting and pain, but it is done now. I think this will work out better in the end. I will post pictures later.
Last weekend I had my very eventfull birthday. A family member went missing for awhile. Then my parents stopped to see me, Kandess was here playing ball in a tournament for the weekend. Family member was found. Brian was horridly sick. Brian and the kids went to the store and bought a cake and some decorations. We all went to watch Kass play ball and before the game even really got going Brian got called out to work. Kass and her friend Shawn helped the kids with the cake and decorations. For supper I took the kids to town, we bought movies and KFC and came home to have supper and veg in our beds watching movies. Guess it is just another day, lol.
I have bought myself numerous bday gifts this week to make up for it though. Brian told me I better stop now though, lol. Darn it!!
Today I am headed to town for groceries and to seek out the new Rock Band II for Hailee for Christmas. I am also going to stop at Toys R Us to buy a train table for Austin if they have one. Then both of the kids large gifts are bought and I can relax.
After school I think we will go to Stettler to plan this months DT kits and visit a few people. We will see how the day goes. I wanted to head for GP to see Michelle and baby this weekend but I think we will have to wait a few more weeks. I need to get some scrappin done before all my deadlines are here.
Have a great day everyone! ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So very much to show and tell you!

Ok so school is back in and all I can say is HOORAY!!! Yesterday was Austin's first day so now both the kids are back. So far Hailee loves her new teacher and is quickly getting to know other kids and make new friends. Austin had a major meltdown yesterday but hey, what else seems to be new?! He is going to go anyways! LOL!
Hailee on the first day of school

Austin on the first day of school

Friday I had gone to town with Lisa to do some last minute shopping and we went to Old Navy. They had the cutest Halloween costumes ever so I just had to get one for Austin. Of course it is now filthy because he came home and had to put it on and wear it all night. Oh well he is so cute in it I don't really care.

Last weekend we had the crop and it was so awesome. There is always such a great group of women at our events and I always leave feeling kinda sad that the weekend is over yet so exhausted it needs to be over, lol!
I also got to spend the weekend with Richelle. It has been pretty hard on the two of us living an hour apart when we used to see each other every other day. We had a sleepover for the weekend and I love spending time with her and her family so much. We even got a picture of us together for once.

I even got some scrapping done. I still have to add photos but I think I am going to use these for my calendars for Christmas. I have like 50 some MME kits put together so I thought I better get using them before the new release comes out. I find this seems to be another company I collect rather than use. I am pretty happy with how they turned out though.

Friday, September 5, 2008

So procrastinating here....

Not sure why. I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! Tonight in about 2 1/2 hours I am headed to the store to meet Katie and Richelle to set up for the crop this weekend. Had to rope Richelle into helping me as I begged her for a slumber party, lol! Lisa was unable to find a sitter so I a not staying in a hotel and therefor needed a place to crash. Good thing my Cuz loves me.
I have yet to start packing though. I have my clothes packed, the door prizes packed, clothes for Elliot that are to small for Austin packed, cupcakes made and packed, but I have not packed a single scrapbooking item. I just don't know what I want to take. It has been awhile since I have not worked on a project for the store, or a class or something to that effect. I am just struggling to focus on my own projects. I think maybe I should work on my calendars though. Enough of that.
Today I went to Old Navy and bought Austin his halloween costume. It is so freakin' cute. Or should I say stinkin' cute?! It is a skunk!! On the bum there is a little heart that says lil' stinker. I took pics of him in it already but I will have to upload them on sunday or monday when I get back.
Ok off to try and pack. See you all after the weekend. I am sure I will have tons of stories to share.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm here!

Wow it has been awhile since I have posted! I have been so busy lately that I just haven't had the time to sit down and get my blog all caught up. Almost time for the kiddies to go back to school and I am so excited!! Found out today that Austin is in the afternoon class! Yay! So now I got my wish and should be able to find some me time every afternoon after he goes to school! I am in very desperate need of it let me tell ya.

Been a little down in the dumps this week and I am not sure why. I love this time of year, I have been kept super busy, kids are almost back to school;( Just not sure. Today I started gunging the house though and maybe once that is done and we can get a routine going I will be better.
Last weekend I had the DT meeting at the store and the girls continue to amaze me. I made an absolutely huge exciting announcement that you will have to check the store blog for. The store is now full of all the new inspiration once again.
After the meeting I headed out to Dad and Mom's to do cattle. It was just me, Dad, Travis, Trey, Kandess, Christine and Charity. It was kinda nice that it was Dad and his kids. Everything went rather smooth, but, of course Trey got ran over, Kandess hurt her hand, Travis was the boss (lol) and I thought I broke my arm. Of course I can't ever go a year without thinking I have broke something. Although this year I really thought I did. I even went to the ER lastnight finally because it had started to hurt worse. Not broke. Typical. Drama Queen Extraordinare.

Austin got stung by a bee. Scary, gonna have to watch out, think he may be allergic poor little duffer. Here he is with his owie. Thank goodness the swelling only lasted 2 days. Made me want to cry every time I looked at him.

Tuesday we went to Katie's for a meeting of the minds, and her birthday! Today is her real birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!! Did the whole gift and cake thing. It was an awesome day. Hailee and Hunter decided they were having a sleepover so the boys thought they should have one too. What an ordeal! Austin was going to stay and when I went to leave... Major Meltdown! Cody was a trooper though so he came and stayed at our house.

Yesterday we tried Martial Arts with the boys. Cody did great and Austin, well... That is a whole other story. Today I signed him up for dance though. So we shall see. It is now way past my bedtime though so I am gonna head for bed and I will chat again really soon! Don't forget to check the store's blog tomorrow for all the latest and greatest!

Monday, August 18, 2008

More to share...

So today I have holed up in the basement because upstairs feels like a sauna. It is good though because I needed to get some work done on the computer. I have been working on blogs most of the day. Class prices and descriptions, you know all that jazz. This afternoon I did find some time to add pics to a few of the layouts I have been working on though so here they are.