Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm here!

Wow it has been awhile since I have posted! I have been so busy lately that I just haven't had the time to sit down and get my blog all caught up. Almost time for the kiddies to go back to school and I am so excited!! Found out today that Austin is in the afternoon class! Yay! So now I got my wish and should be able to find some me time every afternoon after he goes to school! I am in very desperate need of it let me tell ya.

Been a little down in the dumps this week and I am not sure why. I love this time of year, I have been kept super busy, kids are almost back to school;( Just not sure. Today I started gunging the house though and maybe once that is done and we can get a routine going I will be better.
Last weekend I had the DT meeting at the store and the girls continue to amaze me. I made an absolutely huge exciting announcement that you will have to check the store blog for. The store is now full of all the new inspiration once again.
After the meeting I headed out to Dad and Mom's to do cattle. It was just me, Dad, Travis, Trey, Kandess, Christine and Charity. It was kinda nice that it was Dad and his kids. Everything went rather smooth, but, of course Trey got ran over, Kandess hurt her hand, Travis was the boss (lol) and I thought I broke my arm. Of course I can't ever go a year without thinking I have broke something. Although this year I really thought I did. I even went to the ER lastnight finally because it had started to hurt worse. Not broke. Typical. Drama Queen Extraordinare.

Austin got stung by a bee. Scary, gonna have to watch out, think he may be allergic poor little duffer. Here he is with his owie. Thank goodness the swelling only lasted 2 days. Made me want to cry every time I looked at him.

Tuesday we went to Katie's for a meeting of the minds, and her birthday! Today is her real birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!! Did the whole gift and cake thing. It was an awesome day. Hailee and Hunter decided they were having a sleepover so the boys thought they should have one too. What an ordeal! Austin was going to stay and when I went to leave... Major Meltdown! Cody was a trooper though so he came and stayed at our house.

Yesterday we tried Martial Arts with the boys. Cody did great and Austin, well... That is a whole other story. Today I signed him up for dance though. So we shall see. It is now way past my bedtime though so I am gonna head for bed and I will chat again really soon! Don't forget to check the store's blog tomorrow for all the latest and greatest!

Monday, August 18, 2008

More to share...

So today I have holed up in the basement because upstairs feels like a sauna. It is good though because I needed to get some work done on the computer. I have been working on blogs most of the day. Class prices and descriptions, you know all that jazz. This afternoon I did find some time to add pics to a few of the layouts I have been working on though so here they are.

A wonderful crazy fun weekend!

All I can say is wow! I have such great friends! All last week I roasted away in the heat and cleaned house trying to prepare for my 1 year smoke free weekend!
Thursday morning I went into the city to fill out all my papers to start my afterschool program job in September. Came home for lunch, went to Stettler to plan DT kits, came home for supper, and went to the city again for groceries for friday.
Friday my phone didn't stop ringing all day I am sure! I talked to everyone under the sun and then some. I even found out my BFF Shelley is coming to see me this week sometime AND I am a bridesmaid in her wedding next summer!
Friday night Richelle came to spend the night so we drank coffee and chilled out in the hot tub. LOL! That sounds kinda contradictory hey? Anyways it was great.
Saturday morning we headed into Red Deer and did a little shopping. The back home to get ready for my Silpada party. Let me tell you if you ever have a chance this is the partyu to have! I was alittle worried about the turn out but it ended up being fabulous!!! We all had a great afternoon of visiting, cool drinks, food and best of all the coolest jewellery around! I can't wait to get my order!
Saturday night Leanne,Richelle, Katie and Lisa stayed to scrap the night away. Some of the girls, huh hmmm wanted to go out and get tatooed and couldn't get in the scrapbook frame of mind. We headed into Starbucks instead and then with our coffee fix taken care of headed home to get scrapping. I got 1 layout done and I think the other girls all did about the same. Off to bed around 1am to be ready for another full day Sunday.
Sunday morning Louise and Jennifer joined us and we had a blast! I handed out goodie bags to everyone and they all gave me house warming gifts. They are all really sooo great! Can't wait to get together and do it again next year!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a great weekend!

Well I had a great weekend off this weekend. Hailee and Austin went camping with Brian's Mom and Dad so we got to date all weekend. Friday night we dropped the kids off and then just came home for a hot tub and went to bed. Saturday we had morning coffee, puttered around a bit, picked up my wedding rings that are finally fixed and found after 2 years, shopped a little, went for a picnic lunch and then went golfing all afternoon. It was probably the nicest day we have had together for ages. We talked and laughed and just had a great time.
When we were done golfing we had to run Austin's clothes he forgot in the car to the lake. We visited for a few minutes but then headed back on our date to go out for supper. After supper we came home and hot tubbed in the cool air again and to bed.
Sunday morning we got a call that the kids were coming home early, which kinda changed our plans but oh well. We packed a cooler, loaded the car and were ready to head off to Discovery Canyon when the kids got there. I came to a quick realization that my next goal needs to be my "healthy size" so that I can enjoy playing with the family more.
Yesterday Richelle came to Red Deer with the kids to go back to school shopping. I ran in to town, we had lunch, stopped at Michael's and Chapter's and then came home for coffee. While she was here I showed off my new scrap space and showed her the goody bags for this weekend! I am so stinkin excited I can hardly wait!
2 more days until 1 year cigarette free and only 4 days until my Silpada party and weekend crop with a few of the girls and the DT. I am so looking forward to it!!!
On a more neutral note, the kids had eye appointments today and neither one needed glasses, Yay! I have Katie's daughter Hunter and her sister Lori here for the night, so, I think I might settle them in for the night and do some scrap booking. Let you know tomorrow how that went for me.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Well I'm back!

But still not done!This morning we got a shower and now I am shut down until Monday again. I have about 3 days left in the Field so next week I hope we can just get it done! Things have been pretty boring around here this week, Monday I headed off to Mom and Dad's and just got home today. After I got home we took the kids to the lake to camp with Brian's parents for the weekend. I am sitting here a little nervous though because we are having an awful storm and I am worried about the kids.

Thought I better get pics of my scrap room on here though before my pregnant friend has a fit and goes into early labor, lmao wanting to see them! So without further adieu, here they are...

Still working on the whole uploading pictures thing! Talk to you all tomorrow! Sleep tight.