Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More good news!

Yesterday morning just couldn't have gotten much better! I got a call from Totem! I applied there like 3 weeks ago and they finally called! I had my interview yesterday at 3pm. After I hung up the phone it rang again and it was a lady that had seen my ad for my stampin' up open house on kijiji and wants to meet with me to place an order before the party.
I went to work from 12 til 1:30 and then came home to get ready for my interview. I went and it was great! When I got home I ran to the doc and told him I had been having trouble at work and he said I should get a new job. Right after I walked back in the house I got the call and I start my new job friday!! More hours,more money and definitely more what I am looking for!!
Austin and I went and shopped for some jeans and to pick up my meds. He was a holly terror the whole time and when we got home I just went to bed.
Today I am working on openhouse invites, painting benches and painting Austin's room. I think I bit off more than I can chew for one day but, oh well! Talk to ya later!

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